A) The meditations

This growing collection of written (insight) meditations is intended as a tool of psychological transformation for anyone who is interested in waking up. Because we are all hypnotized to some degree by our environment, our conditioning, by this thing called “reality”, which is an agreement to a whole bunch of illusions for most.

The logo of this site is an attempt to catch the one and only “message”: constantly observe yourself and the world to get out of the trap of thought, out of the limits of knowledge + leave fundamental questions such as identity and the meaning of life permanently open.
As stated, the emphasis is put on insight, not on knowledge or memorization of some beautiful quote or description. If something rings true to you, it will clarify something, cut away unnecessary thoughts and bring more personal integrity. Outward integrity will follow naturally out of that.

Belief is absolutely unnecessary. The only axiom built upon here is that there is a ground of truth, of wholeness, which can not be grasped by thought, only conceptualized. If you have never felt this or intuitively had this notion, or if you brush this off as romantic self-illusory new age talk, just ask yourself: who or what am i and what am i doing on this planet? How do i relate to the universe? Am i a separate entity?

The ideas expressed on this site go beyond philosophy: they were formulated from a movement away from dividuality towards wholeness, pointing out all that confuses and divides, so that glimpses of truth, within and without, are laid bare. They are not put forward to create some limited worldview, based on knowledge, on mental constructs, as is always the case with philosophers. There is no endpoint but the recurring realization that mental constructs obstruct intelligence, our potential to adapt to change.

A concept such as love, god, peace, oneness, whatever you want to call it, is radically approached by only expressing what it is not to get to the underlying meaning, to allow its significance, its depth. Things do not get meaning when you explicitly name them, on the contrary. Words confuse, create an image of the thing itself, divide the everything, the wholeness, into many things, so all meaning gets lost, shattered in meaningless pieces. Each part affects the whole and vice versa.
Ideas, mental images, are important to carry out things over time, but they are not the ultimate reality, and psychologically they can produce a whole lot of suffering. The way we live and act from moment to moment in the physical world is a more accurate reflection of the underlying truth. The more we become aware of this fact, the more we realize our identity is nothing but an arbitrary range of images that have no intrinsic meaning whatsoever, the more we are able to live intelligently, connected, facing life’s changes without fear of losing something, because we see life and death are inseparable components of any process in nature.

Is it not possible to live in a more direct perception or at least a more accurate conception of reality instead of being clouded by outdated images? To live fully, beyond the prison of knowledge, to act immediately upon what is needed here and now?

B) The author

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