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Contexting: a challenging perspective
And the underexplored art of coherent contexting

This is an essay that explores an idea on which I have been ruminating for about ten years and that finally got (re)written in 02020. It was recently reworked to be published in Pari Perspectives (If you are interested in science, religion, spirituality, society, psychology, language, and the arts, consider subscribing to this … Continue Reading ››

Contexten als werkwoord, actieve context: een uitdagend perspectief
En de onderbelichte kunst van coherent contexten

Dit is een vertaling van het originele Engelstalige essay over contexting (link) dat werd geredigeerd voor publicatie in het magazine Pari Perspectives: Ideas in Science, the Arts, Spirit and Community ( meer info:, voorzien van enkele extra's.

De limieten van tekst en het … Continue Reading ››

A necessary silence

Since there have been no new meditations on this website since April, one might think that the ontoscopy project is bleeding to death. On the contrary, there is new stuff in the pipeline. I have not written anything substantial for a number of reasons, which i shall now point out.

NOTE: this post contains little practical … Continue Reading ››

You are your thoughts!

Here are some comments on a couple of popular slogans within contemporary spiritual circles, namely the ideas that "you are not your thoughts", that "identification with form is wrong", and that "all thinking is evil". There might be differences in interpreting these words, but something is implicitly missing or not quite right with these statements.
In … Continue Reading ››