Ontology of human consciousness v.1.0

No long paragraphs this time, only an elaborate diagram with which i have tried to point out the core of my observations.

It should explain the content and movement of consciousness, of the omni-present way of thinking and acting in this world. Also, i tried to indicate the “tools” to see through illusion and confusion. Simply click on the image for a full-size view. Any questions, criticisms or remarks are very much appreciated. Post a comment below, send me an e-mail, attack me on facebook, whatever. This is about dialogue, not some holy gospel truth.

Some notes:
1) I used several colors in this diagram for clarity and ease of reading. Maybe i should have stuck to black and white to avoid unnecessary biases in the interpretations of the colors.
2) Since i used a 2-D plane, it is impossible to truly convey the interrelatedness of all things. I can only hope i managed to reveal the most direct relations between arbitrary concepts of ongoing processes inside our minds.
3) This diagram has nothing to do with communism or any other ideology (or religion). I explicitly show the inherent problem of property as a static state of mind that is unwholesome and downright destructive for mankind and “our” planet. Property of goods has its proper function in society, but in the hands of an attached mind, it gets problematic very quickly.
4) The future is unknown, but as long as we stick to the same old patterns, it will only be a variation of the past, and not a radical change. The only future is now.
5) The security/permanence most of us long for is of course non-existent, anywhere, anytime.
6) A translation in Dutch is on its way.
7) ASC’s = altered states of consciousness, e.g. meditative or drug-induced states.

Bring on the feedback!

One thought on “Ontology of human consciousness v.1.0”

  1. I ran across your ontology diagram on humanity in earth. Very good starting point for me in developing a community program in faith and science. This is in a religious context, where I'm looking to start a dialogue in our local world on the intersection of technology and what it means to be human. I like your diagram as a starting point to think about what topics to cover. Thx.

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