the Gaza conflict inside our heads

Palestine (Joe Sacco)The situation in Israel is a clear symptom of the division of humanity – the us versus them ideology, my god versus yours, my flag versus your flag, my idea versus yours.

Why can’t we all just observe and find out what is false and what is really needed?

Why can’t we sit down and rid our minds of simplifications and generalizations, of politics and all the divisive bullshit that is amplified by the media? Why don’t we see the absurdity of war, the ongoing abuse of authority and the shared suffering of all mankind?

The real “solution” to this problem, apart from the obvious need for a sensible, human way of living for all people anywhere on this planet (for which there is plenty of money and resources here and now), goes much deeper than what we make ourselves believe.
Each and every one of us should ask our self: can i let go of the past? Can i be free from the useless thoughts of revenge, regret, hatred,…? Can i be free from the past, free from my memories, and see through the illusion of division between me and the other, both the “allies” and the so-called “enemies”? Can i move from sticking to opinions to observing how things and people are right now, and do what is best this very instant, regardless of what has been done and said in the past?

When you see the danger of reducing people to objects very clearly, when you realize you are dealing with human beings – men, women, children – not only intellectually or emotionally but totally, with your heart and mind, there will be a sudden halt, a moment of deep reflection, possibly a snap of clarity, an abrupt end to your confusion. It is not coincidental that the etymology of the word “war” is none other than “confusion” in the German language. All in all most problems are not that difficult if you look at them pragmatically, from a human point of view, as opposed to the politicians’ = the soldiers’ point of view. Politicians created the confusion and the conflict in the first place and the soldiers see to it that it continues, on both sides. It is in their interest that everybody around the world stays confused, opinionated and ignorant like them so that they can hold onto their power. Peace is not a matter of opinion, on the contrary, it is only possible when we let go of the past and act upon what is acutely needed.

So back to each one of us. When the inner war has ended, in that moment of utter disillusion and radical doubt, there is the opportunity to see and/or consider possible outer alternatives, to come up with sane ideas that can help destroy the surrounding illusion, to act upon it. If you immediately go back to old thoughts, for whatever reason you come up with, you’ll just fall back asleep, into the surrounding stream of cynicism and apathy, and you’ll remain part of the ongoing war. To wake up from the nightmare would be a break from the pattern of action and reaction, and this would manifest a direct change in you and in the world. No god, opinion or ideology needed, the wisdom of what it means to be a human being suffices.

Peace is not a dead thing, it is alive, an active/passive harmony, invisibly guided by individual awareness, free from distortions. Are we capable of this, or do we blindly accept the course of the world?

(image from “Palestine” by Joe Sacco)

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  1. we divided and conquered ourselves and look where it's gotten us. duality consciousness always does us in…but it doesn't have to. if people become aware of it. and i am so thankful that my eyes are opened now…this was good to read. thanks.

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