Why i am doing this

Before i start getting more of these sorts of questions, let me clarify what this web log is about, why i came up with this project.
The answer is very simple: because nobody else is.

Fuck opinions, let’s stick to the facts.
This blog is both selfless and self-manifested action. I am not out for fame, money, or any other personal gain. All i do is observe and try to describe reality, i am not interested in controversy or creating more conflict. Entertainment is cool and has its place in life, but here i am being very serious, even when adding fun facts. I am only trying to destroy illusions, see if we can help each other to live as disillusioned individuals, free from the past, free from images, free from psychological authority on any level.
Anything we do in life starts inside our heads. All problems of the world, both on micro and macro-level, are man-made. The roots of all of our problems are to be found inside our minds, nowhere else. Even though we can all see and recognize this, most of the time we seek and plot to change the outer world, battle the symptoms, and we overlook the inner, and leave the disease unchanged.

This blog is about you, about us, and not about me in some separated way.
My life affects yours, and yours affects mine, even if we don’t know each other, even if you don’t read any of my stuff. Each of our actions and non-actions has some repercussions in the world we live in.
I am not that different from you. I have limited time and energy, i have two eyes and ears and a brain, and i have got to make a living, just like everybody else. I may have lost most of my illusions and attachments through extensive observation of my own and other people’s thoughts, that’s all.
To keep this wisdom to myself and watch the world go further out of balance by incessant make-belief and downright ignorance would be self-denial, cynicism, apathy on my behalf. In other words: my mental death and isolation. This is not an option.

I live this stuff, this blog is part of me. To ask me why i am doing this would be the same as asking me the meaning of life, really.
Everything i write will always boil down to showing the absolute necessity of standing truly alone psychologically, because it is the only way out of the mess we’re in.
Personally, i refuse to compromise my inner balance for any reason, because i know inner and outer harmony can only happen in one way, just like a jazz musician can only improvise in one way at any moment, with both minimum and maximum effort, by concentrating on the whole.

Peace is one, true individuality, true worldliness. War is always many, all other possibilities, division, dependence and the inherent fear.
To be in peace is to be fearless, to go without choice, with the right choice, without confusion, to have clarity from moment to moment. This is possible only through constant awareness. Attention, attention & attention. Paying attention to the whole.
We may all be forced to play along the game of society to some extent – some parts of the system have their validity and value – but we should never sell out our inner peace for some divisive, unwholesome idea.
Together we should be able to find more and better ways of ridding our minds and lives of our illusions and confusions. Consider this blog as a growing box of matches, with which you can burn away some of them. Maybe. I can only try. The rest is up to you.


I do not know or hold truth. It is always possible that i overlook things, that i make mistakes on some topics, but i am definitely looking in the right direction. I try to live as least biased as possible and i encourage skepticism and criticism to the fullest, but please do not react too hastily when you read something that does not fit your current views. Go into it. Question me, question yourself. I am always willing to respond to questions via the comments below or via e-mail.
I have my influences, i only have limited knowledge, i will never totally master any language, but that does not imply that i cannot view myself and the world as a whole. Each one of us is capable of laying bare the roots of our problems and to act upon it.

Basically, this blog is supposed to be a mirror unto ourselves.

Naturally, we can all be mirrors.

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