On jews, palestinians, soccer team fans, nationalism and trip hop

Why on earth do we make such a big fuss about our identity? Why can’t we just live as human beings with our apparent differences? Why the division? Would everything have been solved if there were just one global holy book? Or if everybody believed there is no god? Would there still be war for territory without any borders across the world? Do we really need these imaginary things to get along? Continue reading On jews, palestinians, soccer team fans, nationalism and trip hop

Children of cynicism

cynic: a person who believes that only selfishness motivates human actions and who disbelieves in or minimizes selfless acts or disinterested points of view;

cynicism: contempt for and suspicion of human nature; heartlessness, misanthropy;

Cynicism is the logical outcome of almost any other -ism. People who gather behind ideas and oppose others have lost touch with themselves. Ideologists, intellectuals, have lost touch with the basic nature of harmony with which we are all born. Continue reading Children of cynicism

War is the victory of illusion

There are no war heroes, that’s just plain old bullshit. The perpetuation of this popular lie only assures the creation of future wars. If you really don’t want new wars, then stop decorating veterans, get rid of those preposterous statues, and stop making glamorizing documentaries about people killing people, all that hollywood nonsense. Continue reading War is the victory of illusion

the Gaza conflict inside our heads

Palestine (Joe Sacco)The situation in Israel is a clear symptom of the division of humanity – the us versus them ideology, my god versus yours, my flag versus your flag, my idea versus yours.

Why can’t we all just observe and find out what is false and what is really needed? Continue reading the Gaza conflict inside our heads

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